Polene Tonca Bag Review

Last updated on January 9th, 2024 at 10:55 pm

Polene Tonca Bag Review

Earlier this year, I bought the Polene Numero Neuf Mini (reviewed here), hoping it would fufill my dreams of the perfect mid-sized camel crossbody bag. While I love the design, ultimately I found it a little too bulky to wear crossbody, and ended up rehoming the bag.

Enter Polene’s latest style, the Tonca. At a glance, this style checked off all my must-haves, so I decided to pre-order the camel color which arrived a few weeks ago.  


The Tonca is on the slightly higher end of Polene’s price range at $390. Like with their other styles, the quality of leather and construction is very solid, and to me, worth the price.

2024 Update: With the latest price increase, the Tonca is now $540. I still think this is a well-made bag and have used mine a lot, but the price point is a *little* high for comfort.


Once again, Polene does not disappoint with their unique twist on what could be a very standard bag. I love the gold accent on the strap attachment – it elevates the overall design nicely and gives Bottega accent cassette vibes with a dash of Chloe Kiss. I also like how the extra length of the adjustable strap is incorporated seamlessly into the design.


While this looks like a very structured bag, the grained calf leather is quite pliable. This makes it easy to get in and out of the bag through the top magnetic flaps. Compared to the Neuf Mini (reviewed here), it’s definitely more functional – on par with the Beri (reviewed here), which is one of my favorite bags.


What Fits in Polene Tonca
Above: What fits in my Polene Tonca

As you can see in the photo above, the Tonca fits all of my essentials and more. During the summer months, I appreciate the extra room for sunscreen and sunglasses, which I can’t fit in all my bags.

Unfortunately, the indentation part of the design does make it tricky to fully utilize all the space. It would be nice if it could fit just slightly more – but not a dealbreaker by any means. Alas, the curved design also means that it is just barely too small to fit my Kindle Paperwhite. I can do it, but aesthetically the top flap will stick up about ~1cm.

Above: With Kindle Paperwhite – top flap does not close all the way. So close, yet so far.


The depth of the Tonca is 1.5” less than the Numero Neuf Mini, which makes it less cumbersome of a wear crossbody. I’m currently wearing it on the shortest strap length, which works well for both shoulder and crossbody on my 5’4” self.


While the strap is easy to adjust, the rivets are secure enough so I have no concerns about it coming loose and falling off. It’s much easier to adjust than those on the Numero Dix (reviewed here), which I appreciate. I don’t think I’ll be changing the length often, but it’s nice to have that option.


Overall, I think this is the one! The design is both beautiful and functional. It checks off all the things I was looking for: structure with softness, easy to get in / out, secured closure, crossbody carry, and a little dash of gold hardware.

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