Quince vs Toteme Review: THE Scarf Jacket

I generally try to stay away from über trendy pieces, but couldn’t help myself when the season’s it (scarf) jacket popped up on Quince’s website for a fraction of Toteme’s $1,000+ price tag. While the grey with ivory stitching is the classic color combo, I opted for the light camel version, which I hope reads as slightly less du jour, and will last several more seasons.

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The Quince scarf jacket is made of a double-face wool, which is a nice touch – that means it’s two layers of wool weaved together to create a smooth front and back. It’s on the thinner side compared to some of my other double-faced coats, such as my Curated classic coat (see below).

Quince (top), The Curated (bottom)

Given the material and the open-sleeve style, I feel comfortable wearing this down into the high-30s when paired with a chunky sweater and underlayer. The double-face fabric is great for blocking against wind, but it can still get a bit drafty with the oversized fit of the sleeves and hem.

The Toteme scarf jacket is a much heaver wool material, and scratchier (though not itchy). For a direct comparison, the Toteme jacket weighs almost 3lb while the Quince jacket is a little over 2lb. Quince’s lighter wool material adds some drape to the coat, while Toteme’s coat is very structured and stays in place.


Quince and Toteme are similar here – the scarf is attached directly to the jacket. On the one hand, this is handy as you won’t have to worry about ever losing the scarf. On the other hand, it makes this jacket less flexible in terms of styling. I’m debating unstitching the scarf from the jacket, as it’s only attached for about ~18”…

In contrast, Naadam’s variation of this sweater jacket has a detachable scarf using buttons, which seems much handier!


Overall, the fit is exactly as expected. I imagine it’d be tough to mess this up, given that it’s a very relaxed fit. With Quince, I ordered the jacket in a size small to maintain the oversized look – for reference, I am 5’4” and 118lb.


In addition to the slight differences in material, the main design difference resides in the scarf. The Toteme jacket has a nice fringe at the end of the scarf, lending an extra cozy vibe despite the jacket’s heft. The Quince jacket has a slightly cleaner look without. Personally, I like both options so I’m happy with the Quince variation.


Overall, I do think this is a great deal given the price and material. I wish they had used a thicker / more plush wool, however – I would be glad to pay an additional $50 to $80 for something more on par with my Curated coat. Do I think this is truly comparable to the Toteme coat at 10X the price? Definitely not, but it’s a great alternative with its own flair.

And while this won’t be warm enough for the thick of winter in most places, it should work well for winter adjacent months in both the fall and spring.

Bonus Comparison: On the Quince website, the Isabel Marant Etoile Faty scarf coat is listed as another comparison, which retails for $970 but is currently 50% off at Net a Porter. The Isabel Marant coat is a more lightweight wool than the Toteme jacket, and its relaxed drape and monochrome fringe feels more casual in the lighter Ecru color. Personally, I feel the Quince jacket is a better value than this one, but could be worth the sale price if you prefer a more boho style.

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