Reformation Jeans Review

I tried on (almost) all of Reformation’s jeans so you don’t have to!

When I wrote my first Reformation review back in 2019, I primarily focused on their linen and viscose dresses. Recently, I found myself with a handful of Reformation credits thanks to ThredUp’s partnership (though to be transparent, it wasn’t much – but it was something!). Knowing that their sizing can be tricky, I decided to pop in store to try a few items on.

I ended up with the Will Oversized Striped Shirt, which is a new office favorite for me. However, the store associate pulled a few pairs of jeans as extras for me to try on, and I was pleasantly surprised! While I’ve been aware of Reformation’s denim line, I never considered them until now. I’ve now tried on the majority of straight & wide leg styles, and hope other shoppers will find this fit review helpful.

Sizing reference: I am 5’4”, 120lb and typically a size 26. The most common jeans fit issue I run into is a waist gap and/or tight hip fit, as I have a 10-11″ difference between my waist and hip measurements.


Before jumping into specific styles, here are my thoughts on the different materials offered. Almost all styles come in both a traditional denim fabrication and cotton / twill for the non-blue colors.

Denim: Most are made from a blend of recycled material and regenerative cotton. This material is thick, yet somehow still very soft and pliable. I really like how it drapes and moves in the wide leg styles.

Other colors: Initially, I was interested in the cream Fior di Latte that is available across several styles. After trying a few pairs in store, in addition to an Espresso (brown) secondhand pair I purchased, I noticed that the material feels significantly different from their denim. They’re made from a 100% organic twill that is somewhere in between midweight and heavweight. Though it has great structure, it is much stiffer and does not have any drape.

The Styles

First… some stats:

NameStyleRiseLeg OpeningInseam
AbbyStraight12 1/8”16 3/4”30”
Val 90’s Mid-RiseStraight11 3/4”18”32”
WilderWide Leg12 3/4”18 1/2”33”
Wilder CroppedWide Leg12 3/4”20”29”
CaryWide Leg12 3/4”23 1/2”32”
Cary CroppedWide Leg12 3/4”23 1/2”29”

All measurements from a Size 27

My tl;dr on all the styles I’ve tried on:

  • Cynthia: Very classic slim straight leg; did not purchase as I already own several similar styles vis-a-vis Everlane’s Cheeky jean line
  • Abby: Slightly more relaxed straight leg style, but still somewhat fitted. Loved the length of these, would not require any hemming for myself at 5’4”.
  • 90’s Val Mid-Rise: Now we’re talking, these feel like proper relaxed / wide-leg jeans. Very long inseam, would need tailoring. Despite “mid-rise”, these actually fit high-rise for me.
  • Wilder & Wilder Cropped: Another great option – unfortunately, did not come in the light wash that I was looking for. The cropped version is just slightly too short for me to wear as full length.
  • Cary & Cary Cropped: Thought I would love these, but tried on and I feel they overwhelm me! Perhaps I’m not used to this wide of a leg, but my feet were literally getting swallowed up lol.

My two favorites for a relaxed, high-rise fit are the 90’s Val Mid-Rise & Wilder. I find the two interchangeable, depending on what washes and colors they have available. For me, both require hemming as the cropped version is just slightly too short to be worn full-length.

Overall, though, I’ve been pleased to find very little waist gap in all the styles above.

The Fit

And lastly, some photos. Unfortunately, the dressing room lighting wasn’t great but I tried my best!



90’s Val Mid-Rise

Wilder… Shorts

For some reason, I didn’t take photos of the Wilder Cropped jeans I tried on, so here are the shorts as a consolation. They have a 4.5” inseam, which is the longest inseam I personally like. I just wish that the lighter washes had a finished hem instead of distressed / cut-off!


As you can see in the photo. my feet are nearly swallowed by the wide cut. A little too aggressive for me, but I can see how others make it work!

And that’s a wrap! If you are lucky to have a store nearby, I highly recommend trying their jeans on in person. If not, I hope you found this review helpful as you try to narrow down your online order selection. Please drop a comment if you have any questions!

P.S. Reformation has a unique fitting room process that can be a bit confusing at first (I certainly was the first time). The floor generally has only 1 size of each style on display, but if you bring the pieces you’re interested in to a sales associate, they will pull and prep a fitting room with your desired sizes. This can take a few minutes, and while you’re waiting you can use the large TV screens around the store to continue adding pieces to your room. Lastly, there are also tablets in the fitting room where you can request different styles, sizes, etc. in real time. Pretty handy!

Partnership Disclosure: This blog post was not sponsored by any of the brands listed above. As always, all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links, in which I earn a commission on purchases.


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