Rothy’s Lace Up Sneaker Review

Rothy’s is on a roll this year with new styles – first with their summer ready sandals (reviewed here) and now with their latest sneaker addition, the Lace Up. With a classic, slightly retro profile, I decided to try them in Bright White. Like the Sandals, these are noticeably different from their prior styles (yes, even the Sneakers) – here are my initial thoughts so far.


This is the first Rothy’s style that comes exclusively in whole sizes, so I decided to try on both size 7 and size 7. I’m typically a narrower 7.5, and I wear 7.5 in all other Rothy’s styles. The website recommends sizing down for narrow feet, and sizing up for normal to wide width. 

In the photo below, you can see the Size 8 on my left foot and Size 7 on my right. The Size 7 is definitely a snug fit, both from a length and width perspective. Unlike the other Rothy’s styles, the Lace Ups have seams, which may cause irritation if the shoe is too tight.

Rothy's Lace Up Size Comparison
Above: Left foot – Size 8; Right foot – Size 7
Above: Sole-to-sole comparison, with Size 8 on the left and Size 7 on the right.

Even though the Size 8 are a bit loose on me both width-wise and length-wise, I know the Size 7 will be a world of pain in the future since these don’t stretch out. You can see when I lace up, the lace ladder tapers up towards my ankle, which I’m not a huge fan of. I really wish they made these in half sizes!

Overall, these feel much more substantial compared to the rest of the line. From a comfort standpoint, I really like the soft terry material on the tongue, which reminds me of Allbirds. The collar is padded and the insole has a smooth, sueded feel. I was originally concerned they might be too heavy based on initial photos, but they aren’t due to the sole construction (more in the last section of this post). 


Although I like the contrast gum sole on most of the colors, I decided to opt for the classic all-white version. I have an older pair of Adidas that I’m looking to replace, and these would fill that gap perfectly. 

In the side-by-side view below, I have the size 7 Rothy’s Lace Up with Allbirds Tree Lounger (Size 7) and Adidas Advantage (Size 7.5). As you can see, the profile of the shoe is similar to the Allbirds, with a much slimmer shape overall. 

The insole also has a lot more shape and support compared to the Sneaker and the Chelsea. Unlike those, the Lace Up has a completely different sole system. While the outer sole is flat, the insole has a lot more shape to it, and is more than ½” at its thickest point, the heel. The only downside is that you can’t easily swap this insole like you can with the regular, thin ones.


In true Rothy’s fashion, both the shoe and the insole are machine washable, which bodes well for anyone interested in the lighter colors.

Given the difference in insole construction and the material on top, I’m not sure how well the insole will hold up to… future scents. So I’d most likely wear these with thin no-show socks.


Overall, I think the Rothy’s Lace Up sneakers are worth a purchase if you are looking for a classic laced sneaker. The price point is not too bad given the additional construction – it comes in at the same price as their Loafers. Personally, I am still debating whether or not to keep the 8’s – and if I do, will update this with wear and tear notes.

If this is your first pair of Rothy’s, check out the comments section of this post for a $20 Rothy’s coupon code for your first order!  You can also find links there to all my various Rothy’s reviews.

July 2021 Update

Nearly a year later – these are one of my most-worn shoes. (Granted, this is a bit relative given #2020.) Very comfortable, versatile, I find these easily go with a variety of outfits. I wanted to share some photos before & after their first and only wash a few weeks back:

While not all of the stains were removed on the soles (you can see them towards the front), the fabric is nice and clean after a speed cycle in the washing machine!

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