Rothy’s Sandals Review: The Knot & The Triple Band

Though many of us are spending all our time at home right now, this is almost a perfect timing for Rothy’s latest sandal release. Their Knot & Triple Band styles are certainly nice enough to elevate my sock-centric WFH style as of late. Even if you can’t wear their newest styles out in the world as they were intended, they actually work as really nice house slippers.

I already have a few pairs of Birdies slides and slippers – the shoes that famously began as indoor slippers and had to pivot after Meghan Markle wore them into fame. So I was curious to see how The Knot and The Triple Band felt in comparison.


Both shoes have bands / straps that are made of the classic Rothy’s recycled materials. What’s different, however, is the sole. The bottom of the sole looks to be constructed like the ones on their wool styles (reviewed here), with the smooth vegan “leather” finish. 

The footbed itself is definitely thicker than those on their flats, though not as thick as sneakers, of course. I would say the cushion level is “medium” – it’s not as soft as Allbirds nor is it as firm as my Sevilla Smiths.

Rothy's Sandal Footbed Closeup

Fit & Style

The Knot was pretty snug on my narrow feet. On the one hand, this is great as they feel a lot more secure than they look. However, I don’t think these would be as comfortable on wider feet – the material doesn’t stretch much widthwise.

The Triple Band has a more accommodating fit – I like that it has the third strap over the arch of the feet, making the fit fairly secure even if it is looser overall. I’d say this style is more accommodating for wider feet. Even though the straps don’t have much give, they start out roomier than the ones on The Knot.

I like both styles, as they provide two chic variations on the classic summer sandal silhouette. Of the color variations, I definitely prefer the tan insole vs the monocolor styles. I wish they had released some of the other colors, like black, in the tan footbed style!


Interestingly, I’d say both shoes fit true to size lengthwise though they have different overall fits. I ordered and tried on size 7.5 in both, which is what I normally wear in all Rothy’s shoes (more on that here). In the photos below, you can see how it compares to the flat and the point.

Below, a comparison with Birdies’ now retired slipper, which is definitely on the smaller and narrower side.


Surprisingly, these styles are both machine washable. I thought the new footbed would make it spot-clean only, given how it looks. According to their website these can also be tossed into the washing machine along with your other Rothy’s. 

If this is your first pair of Rothy’s, check out the comments section of this post for a $20 Rothy’s coupon code for your first order!

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