Rothy’s The Point II vs Original Point

It’s been a while since I’ve last reviewed Rothy’s! Over three years, to be exact. Since then, I’ve culled my collection down to the following: two pairs of points, one loafer, and the lace-up sneakers. They’ve all been going strong, though I had to finally retire my sneakers after a ton of wear.

I decided to jump back into Rothy’s with their latest series of updates – starting first with the new Point II silhouette. If you’re looking to understand the difference between their classic points and the revamped style, I hope this review helps.


Rothy’s first Point style was known for running small, as mentioned in my original sizing review. As a size 7.5 narrow, I have been able to barely squeeze my feet into 7.5 points. The limited edition wool version of their points were slightly more forgiving, but not by much.

According to their website, the Point II boasts the following updates for a more comfortable fit:

  • A roomier toebox
  • Sculpted insoles
  • Added elastic

Fit Review

As for the roomier toebox – they’re definitely correct on this front. As you can see in the comparison photos, the toebox is more spacious not only widthwise, but lengthwise as well. I’d say these run true to size for both narrow & medium width feet. If you have wide feet, you may want to try both your regular size and a size up, to be safe.

(Left) Rothy’s The Point II, (Right) Classic Rothy’s The Point

I couldn’t really tell if the fabric had more elastic, but it did feel sturdier (but still flexible!) overall. I’m not sure if this is due to the roomier fit, resulting in less fabric stretching, but regardless it felt comfortable. Unlike my original points, you don’t see the outlines of my toes in these.

The insoles are also quite different – they have slightly more height, and a nice sculpted shape around the sides. They’re still very flexible, but provide just a little bit more support than their prior iteration.


Overall, I’d say these are a welcome upgrade to their classic line-up. It looks like they are still selling the original Points as well, and starting to update individual colors from the Point to the Point II. If you like the original version, now could be a good time to snag several colors on sale for less than $100.

I didn’t love the diamond color, so I ultimately returned these. But, I’m highly tempted by the captoe versions that they just released!

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