Songmont Luna Bag: An Unsponsored Review

Last updated on April 8th, 2024 at 06:49 am

Songmont Luna Bag Review

Yet again, I have been influenced. After seeing Songmont’s ads for their versatile Luna crescent bag, I caved and purchased one in Jade, a perfect pastel spring green. There are not very many reviews out there, so I hope this post helps any curious shoppers like myself!


Songmont was founded in 2013 by an ex-Google UX designer, who teamed up with her mom to design and make the perfect lightweight laptop tote. Soon after, they expanded with a small team in Song’s hometown, producing quality leather goods with intentional designs.

The Songmont Luna now comes in three sizes: the original is $349, with a larger version at $430 and mini version at $299.


Luna’s shape reminds me of one of my Polene favorites, the Numero Dix (reviewed here). It plays on currently popular crescent silhouettes like the Celine Ava bag. However, it has a nice puffiness to the look that makes it a softer style overall, with its own unique take.

What’s drew me to this bag is its versatility. It comes with two straps (one long, one short) and a unique clasp system to be worn four different ways.


For reference, I’ve compared the Luna side-by-side with my Polene Numero Dix below. While similar in shape, the Luna can hold more given its depth of 3”+. It’s spacious enough to hold all the essentials and more – I can easily fit a small notebook, sunscreen, sunglasses when worn as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

Left: Polene Numero Dix; Right: Songmont Luna


I’m usually a little wary when items boast about versatility – nine times out of ten, they can only really do a fraction of the marketed features well. I’m happy to report that the Luna bag is the elusive one in ten. I tested out the different carrying options, and have found all four to be functional and usable. 

The straps are very easy to swap out, which was a pleasant surprise to me. A complaint I have with the Polene Dix is how difficult it is to actually swap straps – so I never do. That’s not an issue with the Luna. The leather is a little softer and malleable, and easier to press (or remove) from the little notches.

Songmont’s use of a magenetic top closure makes it useable even with the straps pinched into a Bottega Jodie-esque shape. Sure, it’s slightly finicky to place or remove items in this variation. But it’s still very much possible with smaller items like a small wallet or card case. For reference, I can’t say the same about the Mlouye Flex bag (reviewed here) when worn in this way.


The regular Luna uses a milled fine calf leather with a very matte, almost powdery handfeel, and the leather and construction looks decent to my untrained eye. To give a comparison, it’s a similar feel to Hermes’ togo leather – though certainly not the same exact leather, considering how much true Togo costs. The Icon line uses a full-grain cowhide leather, which likely will feel more substantial and have a slight sheen.

After several months of owning and using the Luna, the hardware and different connectors continue to work just fine. I try to keep the bag stored in its “natural” shape, ie. if I wear it as a wristlet, I will disconnect the two ends after I use it for the day. This helps prevent any additional creasing.


If I had to choose one area of improvement, it would have to be shipping. Not the speed, as it only took 2 days to travel across California. But rather, the shipping packaging – they shipped the bag directly in its (pretty!) box with no cardboard outer. Now, I’m all for reduced and sustainable shipping materaials – but if that were the case, I would prefer they use a sturdier, regular cardboard box and forego the decorative one.


I’m pleasantly surprised and quite impressed with this little bag! I love how easy it is to wear in a variety of ways, with all of the thoughtful design elements. The overall quality of the leather and construction itself is well worth its $349 price tag. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a bag that can cover casual and fancier outings, this is a great option.

2024 Update: I ultimately ended up selling the bag, but not because I didn’t enjoy it. In fact, the opposite. While the Jade green is beautiful, and perfect for spring / summer, I had a hard time matching my outfits accordingly. So instead, I’m planning to replace it with a different color – trying to decide between the small ivory and regular chocolate!

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