Spring Jackets: Quince Featherless Puffer & Chore Jacket Review

Last updated on December 3rd, 2023 at 10:39 am

Quince Jackets Review: Featherless & Chore Jacket

While it’s still been a bit chilly and rainy here in California, those days are finally becoming fewer and further between. In hopes of warmer of and sunnier days, I recently picked up two transitional jackets from Quince and wanted to review them here. For reference, I am 5’4” and 120lb, typically a size small, 2 or 4.

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Quince Featherless Puffer Jacket

I’ll start with the warmer jacket first. I love this silhouette – I have a sherpa-ish coat in this shape (I’m wearing it here), it’s oversized while still somewhat structured. Mine is a size Small, which fits comfortably over fitted sweaters like my Naadam cashmere crew. The Chestnut is a rich brown that works great in all seasons, but will definitely shine in fall. Mornings have still been chilly here, and I find this comfortable for temperatures in the 50’s when wearing a light sweater underneath.

However, this is one downside to the material. I have pretty oily skin, and have found that the collar area discolors / darkens when it comes in contact. It’s less obvious after a good wash (which is easy, machine wash + tumble low), but still persists. If you have oily skin or wear make-up, I may recommend sticking with darker colors like the black or navy versions. I still wear mine quite a bit, but am a little self-conscious wearing it out socially if it’s not freshly washed.

Above: Notice the darker areas :'(

Organic Chore Jacket

I don’t have many lightweight jackets or layers, and wanted something that I could wear outdoors but also easily inside an office environment. For this jacket, I stuck with my usual size Small, which I can comfortable wear over a light sweater. While it’s not super fitted, if you are looking for a more oversized look, I’d recommend sizing up.

Quince Organic Chore Stretch Jacket Review
Above: Jeans, Top (similar) and Sneakers

The material is on the lightweight side (compared to say – a traditional denim jacket) and has a tiny bit of stretch in it. I can imagine bringing this on travels, since the stretch is quite comfortable and the Tobacco color matches well with many of my existing pieces. As a bonus, there’s a men’s version too. Overall, I really like this jacket and can see it becoming a spring and summer staple.

Bonus! Review: Leather Apple Watch Band

I first came across this a few months ago, but they unfortunately sold out very quickly. When I saw it was back in stock, swiftly adding it to my order was a no-brainer. This band looks very similar to the official Apple Watch band from a brand that starts with “Her” and ends in “mes” :) I always loved the style of their leather strap, but could not justify paying the hefty price for the brand name.

Quince Leather Apple Watch Band Review
Above: Worn with this Everlane sweater (reviewed here)

Granted, I’m sure the Hermes barenia leather is higher quality – but I think the Quince version is just fine, especially given its $29.99 price point. If you’re looking for a simple way to spruce up your Apple Watch, I recommend getting this strap. It makes a great gift as well!

Again, if you’re looking to make your first purchase on Quince, you can use this link to get $20 off your purchase of $200 or more. Please note that I’ll earn $20 as well – thank you, if you do use it!

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