How to Store Stuart Weitzman Boots

Last updated on January 2nd, 2021 at 10:20 pm

According to the designer himself, the correct way to store Stuart Weitzman boots (both knee-high and over-the-knee) is to lay them flat. Unfortunately, that method isn’t particularly space efficient, especially if you live in an apartment like I do.

After much scouring on Amazon and the internets, I finally settled on using the following solutions for my 5050 boots and Highlands.

How to Store Stuart Weitzman Boots

Boot Inserts and Accessories for Stuart Weitzman Boots

On the left side of the are are simple plastic boot shaper form inserts that I use for the 5050s. I purchased the Real Simple brand ones from Bed Bath & Beyond, but you can find similar options on Amazon around $8-$9 for 2 pairs. These are great for shorter boots as well, since you can tear off the perforated bits to shorten the height. Initially, I was concerned about the same perforated portions ripping when curling them to fit in the boots – but if you buy well-reviewed ones, the plastic should be sturdy enough for it not to be a problem.

On the right are the more substantial (and expensive) Ariat Boot Tree, which run about $24 for 1 pair. These are very easy to use, and don’t exert too much pressure on the material. That being said, I wouldn’t use these on my 5050s, as I’d be worried about stretching the elasticized back panel. The Highlands and Alljacks have sturdier suede material all around, so I wouldn’t be concerned with those.

As you can see above, the Real Simple plastic boot shapers are a perfect height match for the 5050s. The Ariat Boot Trees are a bit short on the Highlands, but still better than nothing! I haven’t found any alternatives that are tall enough to match the full height of Stuart Weitzman true OTK boots.

Additional Boot Accessories

Insoles: Another accessory I’ve found helpful are these Superfeet Women’s Deluxe 3/4 Insoles. The 5050 boot has a pretty flat insole, so these inserts make them a bit more ergonomic and add a smidge of height as well.

Suede Protectant Spray: I’ve used this Kiwi Suede spray on Uggs and other suede shoes, and love having that extra bit of protection. I generally avoid wearing my Highlands out in adverse weather, but sometimes run into the occasional washed sidewalk or classic San Francisco mist-sprinkle weather. Just be sure to apply the spray in a well-ventilated area – the fumes are no joke!

Hope this post was helpful – if you have any other additional tips on boot storage, would love to hear those as well!

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