End of Summer Closet Audit

Summer Closet Audit

I can’t believe it’s already September, again. While summer certainly flew by, I’m excited for what’s to come in my favorite seasons: fall & winter. 

But, before diving in to all things sweater weater, I was inspired by Stylebee’s recent closet audit post and thought it might be fun to do one as well. I typically do a lightweight version at the end of each season, but am looking forward to writing this all down more thoroughly. 

Evaluating My Current (Summer) Closet

Was I surprised by anything I wore often?

New trends – I started leaning a little more into some recent trends, careful to stick with those that will likely have some staying power beyond one season. Straight leg high waisted jeans and slightly cropped tops were a winner for me, which surprised even myself. In particular, I wore this Artizia Wilfred cropped tee a lot, which was a secondhand Poshmark impulse purchase!

Flowy, casual button-downs – a friend gave me a super soft cotton button-down from a no-name random brand, which I ended up wearing frequently. I’ve struggled in the past with Equipment blouses, which tend to be too billowy and long (read: lots of material to tuck in), so I didn’t have high hopes. But I think the shorter cut helps, along with the slightly-too-short-for-me sleeves (less material to roll up). 

Above: Random cotton blouse (mine is shorter in length for some reason)
Above: Similar Amour Vert silk blouse that I always loved

What did I reach for most?

The basics – cotton tees, linen tops, cropped tanks, and shorts. My shoe selection was also very simplified, I rotated between puffy sandals, Birkenstocks and two pairs of sneakers.

What did I love wearing?

Simple outfits – during the warmer weather (80 – 90 degrees), I enjoyed wearing a classic comb of a top and shorts. I only have four pairs of shorts, which I rotated through pretty evenly. This has remained consistent year over year!

Comfortable dresses – I reached for these less often, but really enjoyed wearing them when I did! I’m glad I sewed a few slip dresses and ruched dresses with plenty of room and ease, a sampling in my IG highlights here.

What color trends?

Neutrals of course, with more of an appearance from the mauve to brick spectrum. This is a departure from my normal black, grey & white, and I’d love to continue finding ways to incorporate a little bit of color.

Summer 2021 Closet Audit - Color Trends

What did I reach for least?

Unsurprisingly, dressier items mostly collected dust in my closet. While we did have a few events this summer, including two outdoor weddings, most of my crepe de chine silk tops and evening dresses did not get worn. 

Same goes for my beloved Rothy’s flats and loafers, which used to be a year-round office staple for me.

Can any of these pieces better serve someone else?

This is a tough one! I’ve done a few cleanouts throughout the past year, and have pared down some categories quite a bit. With evening dresses for example, I only have 6 at the moment.. So I’ll likely be keeping those along with my Rothy’s for now.

However, I do think I can trim down my silk tank collection because realistically, I know I only reach for the white & black versions.

Assess Needs

Was there anything you found yourself wishing for throughout the season?

Cardigans or another form of warm-weather friendly layer would have been nice to have. I have a ton of pullover crew sweaters for the colder months, but nothing that is easy to throw on temporarily when the AC is on and blowing directly at my desk.

In the past, I used to rely on my mish mash of stereotypical start-up-logo–hoodies. Which are great for lounging on the weekend! But I’ve mainly avoided any type of athleisure the past year+ while WFH, as I feel more productive when I “dress for work”.

I also find myself appreciating higher necklines more these days (is this an age thing?), and would love a high-neckline or mockneck tank or tee. This Everlane ribbed mockneck fits the bill, unless I’m feeling ambitious and decide to sew a modified Nikko Top.

Any seasonal essentials you found lacking?

Not particularly – I feel good about the essentials I have!

Wishlist for Next Summer

My wishlist is pretty sparse, which is a good thing. I’ll probably need to replace some of my tees next year, as they’re 4+ years old with a ton of daily wear. But aside from that, the only items on my wishlet are the ones mentioned above: a summer friendly cardigan and higher neckline fitted tank.


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