The Ultimate Quince Review: A Roundup of 30+ Items

Last updated on April 27th, 2024 at 09:06 pm

It’s been just over one year since my first Quince review. Since then, I have tried 30 (and counting) items from the brand, and figured it was time to do an ultimate round up of my thoughts. Though I’ve posted detailed reviews for many, I haven’t covered all of them with individual posts.

And while I’ve purchased several of these on my own, referral credits have helped significantly. So before we jump in, first a big thank you to everyone who has purchased through one of my referral links!

If you are looking for a Quince discount, you can use my referral link for $20 off your first order of $200+. Quince changes the minimum threshold frequently, I’ll try my best to keep this info up to date.

The tl;dr

Here’s a quick summary of my favorites and… not-so favorites:


  • Cropped Fisherman Oversized Cashmere Cardigan ($119, my review): I find Quince’s cashmere pieces to be hit or miss, but this one is a winner for me especially with the cropped length. I really hope they make this in more colors like their regular length counterpart.
  • Organic Cotton Crew Boyfriend Sweater ($49, my review): After years of writing off cotton sweaters (mainly due to issues with getting stretched out), I’m fully back on board the cotton train with this sweater.
  • Cotton & Linen Button-Down Shirts ($39, linen review): Solid basics. I do find the linen runs a little small if you prefer a relaxed fit – size up at least once if not twice.
  • Apple Watch Band ($29): I’ve tried multiple leather watch bands over the years – admittedly, this isn’t the most luxurious leather, but it holds up well with use. Which is valuable to me, after going through other bands in less than a year each!


  • $50 Cashmere Crew and Tee ($49, my review): Ah, the famous $50 cashmere crew. It’s possible that the quality was great at the beginning, but is not anymore from my experience. I had issues with shedding, and it felt slippery in a way that reminded me of synthetic fibers (ex. acrylic) and not cashmere.
    • If you’re looking for an entry level cashmere crew, I’d highly recommend Naadam’s $98 crew. Increased from $75 sadly, but theirs is still the best value:quality out there.
  • Leather Moto Jacket ($149, my review): I wanted to love this, but the leather was just so thin. Save your money for an All Saints jacket on sale or secondhand instead!
  • Stretch Crepe Pleated Trousers ($59): Another one that looked great online, but felt somewhat cheap in person. I was hoping they’d be similar to Abercrombie’s Sloane trouser or Everlane’s Way-High trouser, but the material was slippery (sense a theme here?) and didn’t hold a press very well.

To be completely honest, though, it was hard to narrow down my favorites. As you can see in the table below, there are several items in each category that I count as a “yay” versus a “nay”.

The Quince Review Masterlist

I hope this compilation helps you navigate Quince’s extensive catalog – if you have any questions, please comment on this post and I’ll try my best to answer!

To help, I’ve divided these into the following sections:

And the ratings:

  • 🤩 Great, would purchase again!
  • 👍🏻 Generally OK or good with caveats (ie. fit, preference)
  • 👎🏻 Skip, you aren’t missing anything here

Last updated April 27, 2024: 🤩 for Cotton Cashmere Ribbed Long Sleeve, Cotton Cashmere Ribbed Tank, and Leather Blazer


MaterialItemsRatingReview Link or Notes
Mongolian Cashmere$50 Cashmere Sweater👎🏻Review
Mongolian CashmereCashmere Polo👍🏻Review
Mongolian CashmereMidi Skirt🤩Review
Mongolian CashmereCropped Fisherman Oversized Cardigan🤩Review
CashmereBaseball Cap🤩Warm, looks luxe, great gift
Australian Merino WoolRelaxed Turtleneck Dress👍🏻Review
Merino WoolDouble-Face Wool Scarf Jacket👍🏻Review
Baby AlpacaCropped Cardigan🤩Review
100% Yak WoolTurtleneck Sweater🤩Review
Cotton CashmereRibbed Long Sleeve Sweater🤩Review coming soon; excellent lightweight sweater for spring & fall
Cotton CashmereRibbed Tank🤩Same as above
Washable SilkMidi Skirt🤩Simple and comfortable. See dress review re: washable silk material.
Washable SilkMini Slip Dress👍🏻Review
LinenMen’s Short Sleeve Shirt🤩Review
LinenWomen’s Long Sleeve Shirt🤩Review
Organic CottonChore Jacket👍🏻Review
Organic CottonBoyfriend Crew Sweater🤩Review
LeatherMotorcycle Jacket👍🏻Review
LeatherBlazer🤩Feels much nicer than the moto jacket! Worth the $50 additional price.
DownCropped Puffer Jacket👍🏻Review
Down AlternativeFeatherless Jacket👍🏻Review
Recycled Nylon, PolyesterHalter Tank🤩Slightly softer and thinner than Babaton Sculpts, but a great value
Recycled Polyester, SpandexUltra Soft Performance Leggings🤩Thicker than Lululemon Aligns, very soft
Recycled PolyesterStretch Crepe Pleated Wide Leg Trouser👎🏻Comfortable, but feels too synthetic


MaterialItemRatingReview Link or Notes
Gold PlatedOrganic Freshwater Pearl Hoop🤩Review
14K GoldEveryday 14mm Hoops👍🏻Review
14K GoldSolo Mini Hoop (x2)🤩Review
AcetateAvery Polarized Sunglasses🤩Review
LeatherApple Watch Band🤩Review
SuedeWater Repellent Clog Mule👍🏻Comfy, similar to soft-bed Birkenstocks. Runs wide.


MaterialItemRatingReview Link or Notes
Down AlternativeAll-Season Premium Comforter🤩Slightly oversized, resulting in a warm “overstuff” fit
LinenDuvet Cover + Pillowcases👍🏻Review
CottonGauze Duvet Cover👍🏻A bit thick/heavy, but otherwise good quality

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