Try-On: Everlane 40-Hour Flat vs Day Glove Review

Everlane 40 Hour Flat Review

Another week, another shoe review! Lately, Everlane has been on point (heh) with their new releases. Their heavily promoted Perform Leggings really do perform (my review here), and their newest pointed 40-Hour Flat adds a sleeker look to their flats collection. To be completely honest, I wasn’t enamored by the initial model photos. The flats looked a bit large, for lack of a more descriptive word. So I decided to swing by their San Francisco store after work to give them a try myself. Spoiler alert: I ended up liking them quite a bit.


I wasn’t sure if these had a drastic sizing difference like Rothy’s and their pointed flats (my sizing review here). According to their social media, Everlane recommends sizing down if you had to size up in their Day Glove due to width. I am normally a size 7.5/38, and fit their Day Glove in a size 7.5 (reviewed here). I tried on both the size 7 and 7.5 in the 40-Hour Flat, and the larger size fit me, as expected. The 40-Hour Flat is a little longer than the Day Glove, as you can see in the photo below, but has a similar width. 

Everlane 40 Hour Flat SIzing
Above: Size 7.5 on the left, 7 on the right (you can tell my toes are bent)
Everlane 40 Hour Flat Review
Length Comparison 40 Hour Flat & Day Glove
Above: Both size 7.5, the 40-Hour Flat (left) is slightly longer

Material & Comfort

Like the Day Glove, the 40-Hour Flat is made from unlined 100% Italian leather, and is expected to stretch over time to conform to your feet. The Day Glove leather is pebbled and feels a little bit softer, while the 40-Hour Flat has smooth leather.

As for differences – I noticed the Day Glove has a slightly more padded, dark brown insole. That’s not to say that the 40-Hour Flat isn’t padded, just not quite as much. The Day Glove also has ventilation holes (not sure what they’re technically called), while the 40-Hour doesn’t. Otherwise, they both feel similar on the foot and I can see how these would be perfectly comfortable for a work day.


Honestly, I thought these would make my feet look terribly long and large. But, I think these actually look better than the Day Gloves for myself. I think the Day Glove looks better on those with a smaller foot-size-to-height ratio (again, I’m a 7.5 and 5’4”). The super high vamp ends up accentuating foot length. The 40-Hour Flat vamp is not nearly as high, and the length of the shoe itself is not much longer than usual. I could see myself incorporating these into my daily wardrobe, and especially love the bright Tulip color.

Everlane 40 Hour Flat Review
Above: Wearing the 40-Hour Flat, Lululemon leggings, Elizabeth Suzann coat, Naadam cashmere tunic

Overall, I was surprised at how much I liked these – they’re perfectly comfortable for work or for school. If I were in need of a new pair of work flats, I would definitely consider these.

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