Ultimate Polene Review: Ranking Every Bag I’ve Owned

Ultimate Polene Review Collection

Over the past four years, I have owned and reviewed several Polene bags on this blog. I am a big fan of the brand, and find that they have great quality and unique designs at a more accessible price point compared to other contemporary brands. And especially when compared to luxury brands.

I often get asked which Polene style is my favorite. It’s hard to choose one, so instead, I’ve ranked all the Polene bags I’ve tried, starting from lowest to highest. Ultimately, the rankings really come down to style and functional preferences – as they all are great quality bags!

February 2023 Update: In January 2023, Polene increased the prices of most of their bags, anywhere from 10 – 25%. I’ve updated the prices below to reflect that. Looking at my list, the ranking still holds true with these new pricepoints. With the exception of the Neuf Micro – $200+ is a little too spendy for a cute decorative bag :’) Overall, I still think Polene bags are a solid value, even with the higher prices.

8. Numero Un

My Review – Monochrome Grey – $430 $470

My very first Polene, and the one that kicked off my eventual infatuation with the brand. I have a soft spot for this style, and love that it comes in multiple sizes. Unfortunately, I simply don’t reach for mid-sized non-crossbody bags, which is the only reason why I decided to sell mine. 

7. Numero Neuf Mini

My Review – Textured Camel – $390 $420

I wanted to love this bag – the design is very unique, and functional with the cross-body strap and top handle. Unfortunately, I did not like how it rested against my hip (sticking out quite a bit) when worn crossbody, which is why I replaced it with the slimmer profiled Tonca bag.

6. Numero Un Mini

My Review – Sand – $360 $410

I love this variation on the Numero Un, with the brushed gold accents via the chain strap and the clasp closure. However, I don’t wear this bag as frequently as the others, due to said chain strap. Despite how it looks, the Un Mini fits a decent amount of items inside, which makes it heavy. If I’m wearing thin layers or a sleeveless top, the chain will leave an indentation in my shoulder. I typically save this bag for special occasions (weddings, events) or colder months on top of a sweater or coat.

5. Numero Sept Mini

My Review – Camel Trio – $420 $470

Another mini version (notice a trend here?), the Sept Mini is pretty different from the other Polene bags in my collection. This is the only one I have made from the smooth leather, which is extra sturdy in this style. I love the versatility of dressing this bag up or down, the long strap can be easily tucked inside without sacrificing too much space. Unlike the Un Mini, it has leather strip in the middle of the strap, which makes it much more comfortable.

4. Numero Neuf Micro

My Review – Textured Black – $170 $210

Ok, this bag is not functional at all – but it is so smol and so darn cute. I love using it for walks in the morning, when I only need to carry my AIrpods case and house keys. 

3. Numero Dix

My Review – Black Textured Leather – $360 $460

It was hard to choose between this and the next one – both are regulars in my rotation, especially as we head into fall winter. Ultimately, I ranked the Dix lower only given it’s a bit of a hassle to swap the shoulder strap with the crossbody strap. Because of that, I only wear mine as a shoulder bag, which is a shame, given how versatile it could be. Otherwise, it is a great bag that really plays into the crescent bag trend of late.

2. Tonca

My Review – Textured Camel – $390 $450

Admittedly, there may be some recency bias here as this is my latest bag. However, I’ve been wearing it regularly since I got it and have yet to find any faults. It feels very natural to toss on my shoulder or cross-body and go – and the top flap opening is really easy to work with.

* insert drumroll… *

1. Beri

My Review – Lilac – $320 $380

And last but not least, the Beri tops my list. I love everything about this bag – from the clever & functional design, to the spacious interior (given its size), and the thin adjustable strap that is also very comfortable to wear. As an added bonus, it is also on the lower end of the price range for Polene bags!


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