Vetta Convertible Trench Review

Cropped Vetta Convertible Trench

Above: Vetta Convertible Trench, Everlane Jeans, LV MPA (reviewed here), Veja Sneakers

As mentioned in my first review, Vetta’s Convertible Trench was what originally caught my eye. Unfortunately, it sold out nearly immediately when released with their Refined Capsule back in August. However, they recently restocked and are now taking pre-orders!


The Convertible Trench comes in three colors: classic beige, black and a deep goldenrod. I debated heavily between the beige and the goldenrod, and ultimately went with the classic beige. In true Vetta fashion, this jacket can be worn four different ways: cropped (+ sleeveless) and long (+sleeveless).

Sizing & Fit

While the Blazer Dress fit me well in a Size XS (reviewed here), I decided size up to a Size S as I wanted to comfortably layer a medium-weight sweater underneath (worn here with my Naadam sweater). The shoulder area fits great, I’m able to easily move around and reach my arms without any pulling.

I love that Vetta features a 5’3” model in their listing, it was really helpful for my 5’4” self. It’s definitely a long trench – especially since I’m used to the older classic styles that run just past the knee. While I love how flowy it is at full length, I’m also debating whether or not to hem it just another 2” or so. 

The length is perfect for me in its cropped variation, which I typically wear without the accompanying belt. Since the weather has still been warm, I’ve mostly worn it in its cropped format as of late.

Style & Function

Overall, I enjoy all four variations of this trench and can see myself realistically utilizing them all. If I could change one thing, it would be to place the pockets higher on the lower half. I find them a little difficult to reach, though realistically I won’t be utilizing them a ton given how it’d distort the drapey-ness of the fabric.

Note that this is made of a more lightweight material, best suited for fall or spring unless you’re in a temperate climate.

Vetta Convertible Trench Review


The Convertible Trench is made of Tencel, which I am a big fan of. It’s a sustainably produced plant-derived fiber that feels silky to the touch and is breathable. I’ve sewn with it a few times and am happy to see that Vetta uses it in many of their pieces. 

However, this piece is noted as dry clean only, which is a bit of a bummer. I prefer avoiding dry cleaning except for the once-a-year-wool-outerwear cleaning. I’m not quite brave enough to attempt washing on my own (and I’d worry that the Tencel may shrink, as it’s similar to rayon) but would love to try and find an alternative.


Despite what I mentioned above, I do love this jacket! I think it’s perfect for California fall, winter and spring, and works great casually and for more formal environments like an office.

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