Vooray Roadie Gym Bag Review

Last updated on January 2nd, 2021 at 10:19 pm

Until recently, I looked like a crazy bag lady at work. I’d carry one or two reusable tote bags of gear in addition to my work bag, barely squeezing onto crowded buses and the office elevator. I never saw myself as a “gym bag” person, but have realized how simply practical they are. While I have an old REI gym bag that is excellent for car camping and weekend trips, it is far too large to commute with on a daily basis. My fiance (now husband!) offered to let me borrow his simple Adidas bag – but it was too large as well. So, I began my hunt for a small, functional gym bag at a reasonable price.

Most women-tailored gym bags (read: smaller size) come with a hefty price tag, especially those from brands like Lululemon and Athleta. Since a gym bag is bound to get dirty and well, sweaty, I didn’t want to spend too much on a nice bag. While searching randomly on Nordstrom’s website, I stumbled on the Vooray brand, which seemed to check all the boxes.

Roadie vs Burner

Vooray has two popular styles – the Roadie duffel bag at an affordable $40 and the Burner gym bag at $50. I opted for the Roadie bag because I liked the shorter and more flexible silhouette. While the shoe compartment and magnetic handles in the Burner bag are handy, the simpler Roadie duffel suited my needs just fine. The size is perfect for my 5’4″ frame, and easily fits into any locker at the gym.

What fits inside?

I’m able to fit the following items into my Roadie bag without overstuffing:

  • Tank & sports bra
  • Leggings
  • Sneakers
  • Shimano cycling shoes
  • Fleece jacket for post-workout commute
  • Water bottle

If I’m planning to shower at the gym, I can also fit my flat iron and makeup kit into the bag, as long as I’m only carrying one pair of shoes.

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with this bag. It does exactly what a gym bag is supposed to do without any frills, at a good price point. They have a great selection of prints and colors, including your standard black and fun, feminine (and not pink!) prints. And best of all, you can have instant gratification and get them in 2 days through Amazon if you have an Amazon Prime membership!


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