Ruggable Cushioned Pad Review

Last updated on September 29th, 2021 at 10:46 pm

If you’ve read my classic Ruggable and plush Ruggable rug reviews, you’ll know that I’m a fan of their washable rugs. We were in the market for a kitchen floor covering, so we tried out the new(er) Ruggable cushioned pad with a 3’ x 5’ rug in the neutral Kavi. There’s not much information on the cushioned pad (this Ruggable help article is a bit lacking), so I hope you find this useful!


The Cushioned Pad comes with almost all Ruggable sizes except for the larger 9’ x12’ rug. It has a higher price tag than its Classic counterpart – for our 3’ x 5’ size, it was $15 more which was not bad. However, if you’re getting a full size 8’ x 10’ rug, it will cost you a heftier $130 more. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be available for standalone purchase, so you will have to buy it as part of a rug ‘system’.


The Cushioned Pad is ⅖” or 1cm thick – a significant difference from its Classic counterpart which is ⅛” thick. You can see the comparison more clearly in the series of photos below. The Cushioned pad has a thickness that most have come to expect from piled rugs. 

Above: Compared with a West Elm wool rug (left).
Above: Exactly 1cm thick.
Above: Classic rug pad on left/bottom, Cushioned rug pad on right/top

For Ruggable rugs, the cover is always slightly larger dimensions-wise than the rug pad. This is more noticeable with the Cushioned pad, as you’ll feel (and can slightly see) the drop off about 1” from each edge. This doesn’t bother us personally, but it’s something to note if you do mind.


This pad certainly has cushion. However, I wouldn’t call it soft – it feels firmer than our anti-fatigue mat in the kitchen, for example. The Ruggable pad doesn’t have as much give, so you won’t get the memory-foam-y feel that you might with other mats. Again, this doesn’t concern us, but it’s something to consider if you’re looking for that type of support.

Above: Close-up of the Kavi with cushioned pad underneath, about 1″ in from each edge.


Overall, the Cushioned pad is a good option for smaller rugs in areas like the kitchen or an office area. I only wish Ruggable had a size smaller than 3’ x 5’, it would then be a perfect kitchen mat replacement.

We decided to exchange our Kavi rug (featured in this post) for an even more neutral one, the Crosshatch Natural. Thankfully, exchanges are free and easy, so we’re excited to start using the new rug soon. As always, I will continue to update this post with wear & tear and any other new findings as time goes on.

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