Ruggable Washable Rug Review: 1 Year Later

When we moved into our new place almost a year ago, one of our first new purchases was an area rug for our living room. We ended up buying a Ruggable, as we were intrigued by the fact that it was machine washable. 

And now, Ruggable has their Anniversary Sale through the 27th with many popular styles 15% off, including the one we purchased. So, I figured this would be as good a time as any to review our experience so far.


As mentioned above, we were looking for an area rug. We decided on the Nira Rug in the largest size, 8’ x 10’, with the pad. I love the pattern on it — it’s well done and subtle, and I have no complaints. A year ago, I was impressed with Ruggable’s range of both traditional patterns and modern looks. Since then, they’ve expanded their line considerably. 

More importantly, Ruggable is known for their two-piece rug design, with a top Rug Cover layer that attaches to a non-slip, Rug Pad. The two come together like velcro, and stay firmly in place once joined. Because we had the largest size, it took a few tries between my husband and I to get it perfectly aligned. We found it easiest to start from one end, and roll the rest out across. I imagine this is easier with the smaller sizes!


Prior to making our purchase, I scrolled through what reviews I could find on blogs and on YouTube. My biggest concern was that I wouldn’t like the feel of the rug – while they call it a low-pile rug, I’d almost classify it as a no-pile rug (does that exist?). 

With that in mind, it definitely took a little time to get used to how thin the Rug Cover itself is. For their low-pile rugs, I highly recommend buying the accompanying Rug Pad. Is it more expensive than your usual rug pad from Bed Bath & Beyond? For sure. However, it provides more cushion and padding than your traditional pad, which is needed in this case. 

You can see in the photo below how it ‘crumples’, to get a sense of the thickness:

We also just ordered their new plush Morrocan rugs in a hallway runner size. I’m very curious to see how this one compares once it arrives in a few weeks.


I will admit, we currently have this rug placed in a low-traffic area so I can’t attest to how it might stand up in a much busier spot. However, we’ve had no issues yet. The Rug Cover is still held sturdily in place by the attached rug pad, and we haven’t had any issues with the corners curling up beyond the first few weeks. While one of the corners curled up initially as seen in the header image at the top, it has now relaxed.

You can see the “imprint” of the rug pad underneath, as it stop short a few inches from the edge. This doesn’t bother us at all, but deserves a call out for those who do mind.

Now for the million dollar question… we haven’t washed our Rug Cover yet, but will update this post once we do. We’ve been able to spot clean by vacuuming lightly, so we haven’t had a need to deep clean it yet. Realistically, we may end up washing our new runner first before we do this one!


If you’re in the market for a new rug in a well-trafficked part of your house, or have pets, I’d highly recommend looking into Ruggable. While their rugs aren’t cheap by any means, I do prefer a rug that I can wash and keep in use longer. These washable rugs are the perfect solution for areas like the kitchen, dining room and hallways.

Some of my current favorites from the sale, aside from the Nira Rug include:

  • Marble Rug – a modern rug with a subtle marble print
  • Bauhaus Teal Rug – if I were a bit more adventurous, I would love a rug like this one
  • Spectrum Rainbow Rug – a fun rug for a living room or a bedroom
  • Mickey Trellis Rug – this rug comes in a few neutral colors, and I love how they snuck in the Mickey Mouse pattern so naturally

Discount Note: Ruggable is now on Rakuten, you can earn 2% cashback on your purchase. And if you’re a new Rakuten user, you can earn an additional $30 cashback on your first purchase by using my referral link (note that I will also get a $30 bonus, so thank you if you do!).

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