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The Kit - Summer Picks

Above: Header photo from The Kit

Fashion Nostalgia:

EW hosted a 15 year Devil Wears Prada reunion and it is excellent. I can’t believe it’s already been a decade-and-a-half – this movie never gets old for me. Also, I’m glad that these Zoom-style reunions are still taking place, as I haven’t seen many since last summer. 

(Side note: Speaking of Emily Blunt, if you liked A Quiet Place, I highly recommend A Quiet Place II. It was an especially awesome first-movie-in-theaters-since-COVID.)

And if dad sandals and sneakers weren’t enough, apparently the famous Isabel Marant wedge sneakers are making a comeback. I remember loving these back in the early 2010’s, though I may stick with my classic white sneakers for now. 

Something new this way comes:

With everything opening back up (safely!), we’ve started to fill in some wardrobe gaps for social events. Or really, just being-around-people-normally situations. Rothy’s launched a long awaited men’s line recently, so my husband is giving their RS01 sneaker a try. Said husband is also desperately in need of sturdier t-shirts – so he is also giving Lady White Co. and Everlane Premium Weight tees a go.

And as much as I love my neutrals, I am ready to add some color to my wardrobe. Many others seem to feel similarly given the past year. Which was how I was influenced by an Instagram ad to buy this jumpsuit, denim jacket and crewneck. Contrary to previous articles on sustainable fashion & beige-ness, The Kit aims to make vibrant pieces sustainable  through made-to-order production processes. Their tagline is You have enough basics. Why yes, yes I do.

Speaking of vibrant fashion:

While I’m far from a TikTok native, I’ve been loving the curation of videos that friends share with me. Including the following, which I think is the best slow-motion-outfit-change video I’ve seen to date, featuring the sold-out Christopher John Rogers x Target collection.

(Fun fact: she is a photographer for several NYC influencers, including Wendy’s Lookbook)

See you down the road:

Earlier this month, Haley announced that Only Child would be winding down after wrapping up existing orders and hosting one last sample sale. It’s sad to see another beloved slow fashion brand go, a little over a year after Elizabeth Suzann’s announcement. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the future, and will cherish my Only Child pieces even more than before.


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