What I Bought: Black Friday 2022

My shopping was rather minimal during the proper Black Friday timeframe – which is a good sign! While I certainly took advantage of sales for gifting, I ultimately didn’t buy too much for myself. So for this list, I also included items from early-November sales, which I felt were a prelude to the holiday season kicking off.

What I Bought

Parade Assortment of Basic Layers | Purchased for $96 (63% off)

I love wearing base layers under sweaters to a) provide more warmth and b) keep my wool sweaters clean so I don’t have to wash them as frequently. Earlier in the month, Parade had a big sale on ribbed layer sets, so I purchased a few short sleeve and long sleeved tees, and matching leggings. They are still having a 30% off sitewide sale, with a rotating selection of items that are 70% off for 24 hours.

Glossier Wowder & Swiss Miss Balm | Purchased for $31 + 10% Cash Back (20% off)

My old Wowder powder is way past its shelf life, so I used this opportunity to replace it at a slight discount. It’s a great lightweight powder that reduces redness while still looking natural since it is sheer coverage. I love hot chocolate, and couldn’t help but snag their limited edition Swiss Miss scented lip balm as well.

Artizia Pietra Skirt | Purchased for $108 (10% off)

I almost purchased this at full price, but decided to wait and see if it would go on sale. While not heavily discounted, I’ll accept the 10% off! The fabric is really unique, it reminds me of an aurora borealis. Admittedly, I was heavily influenced by @beingjulia who has a great “Updating Millennial Outfits” series on TikTok.

Farm Rio Romantic Garden Minidress | Purchased for $127.50 + $15 Cash Back (55% off)

One of the better sales during Black Friday, paired with a generous 12% cash back on Rakuten! This is my favorite print from Farm Rio. I also purchased the puffer jacket, which unfortunately is way too oversized and going back. While the dress is made of a drapey Lenzing intended for warmer weather, I think this can still work for winter with some thick tights and a (you guessed it) short sleeve base layer. They also have some beautiful velvet-y dresses that are perfect for winter.

Blinds.com Woven Wood Shades | Purchased for $311 (52% off)

Unfortunately, we had to say farewell to a once beautiful 40-year old orange tree in between our house and the neighbor’s. With the tree gone, our living room window looks directly into our neighbor’s bedroom window. So, some shades were in order. We’ve purchased these before (reviewed here), and have been very pleased with the movable inner liner that allows light while still providing privacy.

Keep Me Honest: 2021 Edition

Of the five purchases from last year, 3.5 were a hit. Which isn’t perfect, but isn’t too bad!

Parachute Brushed Cotton Sheet Set | Purchased for $119 (20% off)

A fitted sheet + two pillowcases in ivory, to pair with both our olive linen duvet cover set (reviewed here) and winter flannel duvet set. These are fantastic. We even use them throughout the summer months, and find them comfortable in a variety of temps. They are our most-used sheets by far this past year.

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair SPF30 & Masks | Purchased for 30% off and some free goodies

This kit (similar here) was a great buy. I like using the Cicapair SPF30 as a ‘foundation’, since it turns beige after application, for in-office days. The intensive overnight mask took a little getting used it, as it’s a bit goopy feeling at application. But it works wonders overnight and makes my skin feel so smooth and nourished. 

Girlfriend Collective Sweatshirt & Sweatpants | Purchased for $110 (set) (30% off)

I ordered two: a cropped set and a regular set, with the intent of keeping one. I reviewed them here and ended up keeping the sweatpants, but unfortunately neither of the sweatshirts worked out for me given the thicker material + drop shoulder silhouette. The material is great – these are my go-to sweatpants (along with my MATE the label pair) once temps start cooling.

Aritzia TNA Polar Fleece Cropped Hoodie | Purchased for $39 (50% off) 

Wore this quite a few times, but ended up re-homing after a few monthsl. The material is great, and reminds me of The North Face’s TKA fleece. But this was just a bit too cropped for me to wear outside the house, though it was a great lounging piece.

Guppyfriends Laundry Bag | Purchased with REI dividends

Still using this! Although, I’ve been surprised at how little plastic my clothing sheds. It might be due in part to age – many of my workout / athletic pieces are 6+ years old. I may start using it to catch natural fiber strays too, particularly from cotton fleece.

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